What is Credit Life Insurance

What is Credit Life Insurance | Types, Benefits & Coverage

One might be offered credit life insurance at some point while applying for a loan. Though the insurance policy looks lucrative, yet there are some factors that are needed to go under prudent consideration before deciding to purchase credit life insurance.  First of all, credit life insurance is different from a conventional life insurance policy….

Does Home Insurance Cover Garage Door

Does Home Insurance Cover Garage Door | Details Explained

Homeowner’s Insurance covers our home and provides security to your property. But are you wondering if this homeowner’s insurance also covers your garage doors? Garage doors are definitely an expensive purchase and that’s why we do understand your concern regarding its coverage. So let’s dig into this query thoroughly.   What does Homeowner’s Insurance mean? A…

What Factors Affect Car Insurance Premium

What Factors Affect Car Insurance Premiums – [Explained]

If you are opting to buy a car, you might also consider buying insurance for it. The insurance will cover the risk of damage caused by theft, vandalism, or any natural disaster. As you buy an insurance premium, it will take care of all the probable financial losses that might happen to you regarding your…

Does Health Insurance Cover ATV

Does Health Insurance Cover ATV Accidents and Injuries?

Due to the lack of support and protection from accidental damages, operators and passengers are often vulnerable to dangers while riding an ATV. Since, riding an ATV involves risks of serious injuries, considering an insurance policy may be a good idea. However, it is important to be well aware of the conditions of the policy…

What does liquidity refer to in a life insurance policy

What Does Liquidity Refer to in a Life Insurance Policy?

Insurance policies can sometimes be daunting. Especially, if you are surrounded by people who are waiting to take advantage of your ignorance. But it’s of utmost importance that you get acquainted with the language of the policies so that you don’t regret your decisions later. Liquidity is one of those misunderstood insurance policy terms. So…

Does Comprehensive Auto Insurance Cover Rodent Damage

Does Comprehensive Auto Insurance Cover Rodent Damage?

The cost to repair damages or replace any damaged components which are caused by animals chewing your car’s wires or creating nests around sensitive compartments like engine or air conditioning systems, generally falls under the comprehensive coverage of your car’s insurance policy.  Rodents are prevalent and are likely to hide inside your vehicle like car,…

federal deposit insurance corporation

What Does The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Do?

The Board of Directors that manages the FDIC consists of five members. The president appoints these members and the senate is responsible for the confirmation of their appointment. The Comptroller of the currency and the Director of the consumer financial bureau are also included among the five members. It is important to note that, three…

Which of the following best describes term life insurance

Which of the Following Best Describes Term Life Insurance?

A term life insurance policy pays for a stated death benefit if the insured one dies during the policy period which can range from one to thirty years. As the term expires, the insured person is at no compulsion to continue the policy. In fact, he/she can convert the policy to a whole life coverage…

What is one cost of avoiding Insurance

What is One Cost of Avoiding Insurance?

Imagine, you have saved money for a lot of years and finally launched your dream business. But you don’t have insurance as you consider it a luxury that too, unnecessary. Someday, a hurricane hits your area and all that investment in your business gets destroyed in a day. And to make it even worse, that…