Does Home Insurance Cover Garage Door

Does Home Insurance Cover Garage Door | Details Explained

Homeowner’s Insurance covers our home and provides security to your property. But are you wondering if this homeowner’s insurance also covers your garage doors? Garage doors are definitely an expensive purchase and that’s why we do understand your concern regarding its coverage. So let’s dig into this query thoroughly.  

What Does Homeowner’s Insurance mean?

A standard Homeowner’s Insurance provides coverage to your home and other things and structures within your property. It gives you protection against theft, vandalism, or any type of natural causes like – fire that may cause damage to your home. The cost to repair or replace any item will be covered by this insurance.  

What about Garage Doors

What about Garage Doors?

Generally speaking, most homeowners’ insurance covers garage doors. However, let’s not make a conclusion as it may vary from policy to policy. Besides, various insurance companies check different aspects of the garage to ensure coverage. As there are many kinds of garages, insurance companies also tend to verify certain aspects before offering their protection.  

Does Homeowner’s Insurance cover attached garage doors?  

 In cases such as this, Yes. Since homeowner’s insurance provides coverage not only to your home but also to everything attached to it, your attached garage falls under this category. The insurance considers the attachments such as a chimney, a balcony, etc. The attached garages tend to have better coverage as opposed to detached ones.  

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Detached Garage?

If your insurance policy includes ‘other structures on your property, then yes, you are covered for your detached garage too. This kind of policy also includes coverage protection for your fence and tool shed. But in the case of the other structures, 10% of your dwelling coverage limit is allotted. This is a disadvantage compared to an attached garage which is covered up to the full amount of your dwelling limit.

Does Homeowner's Insurance Cover Detached Garage

When should you make a claim?

Your garage door can be damaged by various means. Some thieves may try to enter forcefully and cause damage to it, some irresponsible drivers might bump into your garage doors, or some natural hazard like fire breakout or a storm can cause serious damage to the garage doors. Sometimes, the internal mechanism may be faced with mechanical erosion over a period of time.

 You should record the damage as much as you can right after you have informed the insurer. Taking well-lit photographs of the damage from different angles will definitely help the insurer in dealing with your claim. Another important thing is to file a case with the police. This way, you can include the recorded crime as part of your claim.      

Some things to consider

If you are looking to purchase a new garage door, then you should consider the shortcomings of your current one. If you are facing a technical issue with the current doors, then there is no point in buying the same doors with that same mechanism again. You should then find such a door that provides better technical support and of course better security. You might consider additional security features such as an advanced locking system and might want to customize the design of the door to ensure some specific security. Besides, if your neighborhood is a high-crime area, then you should seriously consider upgrading all the security options.

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